Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Hate Bitchboys.

I saw some bitchboy bitching and moaning over how some chick "broke his heart" and now he was "all alone and feeling like shit." 

That dude was actually shedding tears. Or so I heard.

I couldn't believe that shit was true. 

Any dude who cries over a chick needs to have his dude card taken away and should be given a lifetime supply of ONLY pink t-shirts and a membership of a threading saloon or some shit. Because, fuck that crying shit. Real men don't cry. The only permissible time for a man to cry is when he is dropping from his mom's vag as a baby. 

Or when a man sees a bottle of beer dropped and broken.

Or when a man sees a beautiful car crashed and smashed.

Or when a man sees a babe with heavenly ass that only God could have crafted.

Other  than these few and similar enchanting or disheartening occasions, no time is right for a man to cry. 

So, to the broken-hearted men, shut the fuck up, stop crying like a bitch, man up.

Go out there, get drunk, get laid or set something on fire but for fuck's sake leave the crying for the girls. 

Because girls looks sexy when they're crying and we all like sexy girls.

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