Thursday, August 16, 2012

I was going to write about relationships but...

...but then a very good friend sent me this. The female in this image is a prime specimen of perfection that any god can create. Look at the wind ruffling those perfect hair, look at that dimple in her cheek, look at those beautiful eyes. I think I know why I like her so much, it's because she is simplicity personified and also she works harder than you or me. Or you AND me combined. If nothing else, you've got to respect hard work. And you've got to have a vision. If you look at her as a businesswoman, she has had vision.

She has played it safe in her field so far and she has varied her roles without being a flash in a pan. Some heroines get typecasted into a certain role, but some of them play safe till they're strong enough to make risky moves. I am slightly hinting at Vidya Balan, she has carved her own niche that is too niche for her to be extremely popular. People like Balan for eccentric choice of roles, but people love Deepika, because she is building a base right now. Risky, weird roles will come. But that's for later. That's when she'll know that she can take liberties with her audience as well her choice of roles.

So, how can you apply the same thought to relationships? It's like this, you've got to "build" relationships. There is a lot that goes into building relationships. First you've got to know your materials, then you've got to know how to handle those materials, then you've to actually work those materials into something tangible and amazing.

Whether you're looking at romantic relationships or business relations, as long as these involve people, the relationships can be manipulated into any way possible. If you treat them right and do all the right things, when the time comes to do risky, maybe slightly wrong things, you can escape with less damage.

Those are all thoughts for now.