Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pink Floyd

I am not a very big fan of Pink Floyd. Most of the people spend their college listening to Pink Floyd and smoking weed and drinking cheap beer, because mostly all the people are doing that. People in my college were doing that too, but at that time I was listening to Megadeth and GWAR and Slipknot and god knows what else. 

Still, Dark Side of The Moon has some special memories associated with it. I got the album as a cassette on loan from some dude, who had got it on loan from some other dude. Things were like that in the small town where I lived. When I first heard the album, i didn't really appreciate the music. It just felt and sounded like shit to me. But as I didn't have too many cassettes to listen to, I gave it some more listens and it grew on me. It grew on me like anything. I picked up The Wall a year after that and that was a 2 cassette set which got a fuck lot of rotation in my tape deck. 

Those were nice days. Now we've music in our phones and MP3 players and what not. Everywhere I see, people are plugged into their little devices. How ancient will this be in 5 years? Very ancient. But people will still be listening to good music. 

I hope.

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