Wednesday, December 19, 2012

anguish and stupidity

Just another two rupees where there are loads of opinions and anger and stupidity being thrown around.

What happened in Delhi, scares everyone. And when people fear something, the first response is hate. With hate comes anger and anger makes people stupid.

I've closed the twitter tab tonight, just like last night because there is lot of stupid shit being thrown around. More than usual. It's understandable. 

You want to punish the animals, you've to become an animal yourself. Or at least think like one. Sure, those animals will get what they deserve, what about you?

People often talk a lot of about taking action. People talk about setting an example. People talk about setting an example through fear.

People talk a lot.

But it's always too cold to go to gym in the morning and the cola is must tastier and instant than the milk or the water. 

You probably won't get what I am driving at, I am being obtuse for one reason. Maybe, just maybe, you'll use your mind for looking behind the scenes and thinking on your own instead of joining in with the masses.

Don't go with the flow man, that's the place for dead fish.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

the fight in the neighborhood

Right, so where i live it's a lot of flats. And in lot of flats there are lot of women. There are two things that Indian housewives are very good at, fighting and talking about tv serials. They talk about TV serials like those are real people with real life problems to deal with. It's confusing at times.

Anyway, today when I came back from office there was some fight going on between the two parties in the nearby flats. So, being the rockstar that I am, I parked my bike, went in my flat and put on some loud dubstep to drown the sounds of fighting outside. Though, I did hear some LOUD bhenchods and maderchods being exchanged between the two women.

For the ease of storytelling ahead, Aunty A and Aunty B.

So, it turns out that Aunty A has flower pots all over the stairs to her flats. Now in the summer season the flowerpots attracted mosquitoes and those made the children of Aunty B sick. Aunty B asked her many times to remove the flower pots but she didn't. Well, she loves the flowerpots n stuff, who can blame her. Stairs are common ground, too. (Stairs are not ground, but whatever the fuck)

Turns out while these two parties were fighting, Aunty B's husband called Aunty A a "gashti"(prostitute) and tore her blouse. Another version of the story from Aunty B is that Aunty A tore her own blouse and said, "ab tujhe aur tere khasam ko jalwe dikhati hu" (now i'll show fireworks to you and your husband).

I got to know all this later when the society's handyman came to my flat to call me out cuz there was police in the society. 

How interesting. I missed some of the fun cuz I was out for dinner and stuff.

What happened in the meanwhile was that Aunty A went to the police station with her torn blouse and filed an FIR that Aunty B's husband tried to molest her. THAT's why the police was here, to pick the husband up. Whew! 

But then the people from the society gathered around the police, some local politician kind of guy got called and the police didn't take the guy with them. Things got hush-hushed. The politico shook everyone's hand and then I told everyone about all this on twitter.

Now, no one really knows what happened there at the fight. It's all different versions of the actual thing. There might be a society meeting tomorrow, so will update this post according to that.

Lesson from this? Don't trust people. People are fucked up and always have people out to support you, there is power in numbers. Keep your reputation clean and shake everyone's hand, even if you don't know the person. 

K, bye.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Twitter Is Interesting

I like twitter a lot. That website has caused a lot of blogposts to die in my head and i am sure many of you would also emphasize with me on that note. 

There was a time when i used to think up long blog posts that had no basis in research and were just my biased and uninformed opinions on everything and anything under the sun. But now I have twitter to do the same. And the dangerous thing is that, so do many many others. Every tingu pingu has a twitter account and all they do is talk to celebs.

Speaking of celebs, Ekta Kapoor did some stupid shit by shoving one of our uncles (more on this later) in a bank and then showing him the middle finger and telling him to fuck off. How sad, how bad. 

See, no matter how rude I get I always try to be respectful to the people who are elder to me. I might not agree with them and I might think that they're stupid and they deserve to die, but I can always fake the fact that I respect them a lot. Ekta Kapoor does not. Tch. bad for her. But not even bad, she is getting free publicity on twitter. She is trending right now. Yay!

Anyway, tell your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandmother and anyone in your home that they should not watch any serials produced by Ekta kapoor or any serials at all. Right, watch Cartoon Network instead, or better, burn your tv and talk to your family. Spend some quality family time together. 

Talking of family, twitter is like a dysfunctional family. And some random twitter user's dad is like our uncle too. I mean, if i met the old man I'd call him Uncle. So, he is uncle of all the twitter. And we must avenge the disrespect done to him.