Wednesday, December 19, 2012

anguish and stupidity

Just another two rupees where there are loads of opinions and anger and stupidity being thrown around.

What happened in Delhi, scares everyone. And when people fear something, the first response is hate. With hate comes anger and anger makes people stupid.

I've closed the twitter tab tonight, just like last night because there is lot of stupid shit being thrown around. More than usual. It's understandable. 

You want to punish the animals, you've to become an animal yourself. Or at least think like one. Sure, those animals will get what they deserve, what about you?

People often talk a lot of about taking action. People talk about setting an example. People talk about setting an example through fear.

People talk a lot.

But it's always too cold to go to gym in the morning and the cola is must tastier and instant than the milk or the water. 

You probably won't get what I am driving at, I am being obtuse for one reason. Maybe, just maybe, you'll use your mind for looking behind the scenes and thinking on your own instead of joining in with the masses.

Don't go with the flow man, that's the place for dead fish.

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