Wednesday, February 27, 2013

let's talk about some things

The internet on the whole has changed very quickly in the past few years. The attention spans that were minuscule earlier are now even less. Momentary attention spans.

There must be people who stopped reading till those lines. They have probably gone back to their regular haunts of facebook, twitter, reddit or youporn. Which is perfectly fine, we are all allowed to seek out excitement any way we can. That's what we are wired for. Some people drink, some people drive fast, there are others that get high on drugs and dance in dark basements to bad bad music. Like, trancey shit.

And it's all pretty okay, because frankly, who am I to give any kind of shit on what kind of shit you do to make your life seem meaningful and sane?

We're all running. One way or the other. We're all distracting ourselves from things that are scary. We've got the fucking blanket over our heads and we think that the ghosts won't see us then.

Which is untrue.

The ghosts see us.

They just wait.