Friday, April 22, 2016

spikes in the traffic

I think on most of the other blogs that I write, i kinda take a serious tone of voice because 1. i know that someone might be reading this, but this one gets hits randomly and whenever i happen to see a spike in traffic, i write another post. All fair? yeah, good. Or not. Doesn't really matter.

So, I've been trying to work on the kindle market and trying to put out ebooks! details are all on the main blogs, or you can leave a comment here and ask me about the books. It's not an easy job, people will rarely go for even free books and once you put a price on them, even less than a fucking 100 rs, they just don't wanna read.

It's funny. We won't even think twice before buying a packet of chips or drinking a cup of coffee that costs almost as much as an ebook or an app, but we think and muse and get conflicted when it comes to paying for something online. Why is that? That's what I want to understand, and I think when I do, I'll be able to figure out a way to make payments easier for the ebooks.

Writing books is a thankless job and one of the shittiest ways to make money. Frankly, if you're putting words out there to sell, you better be writing ace and you better be writing a huge volume of words if you want to eat human food and pay your phone bills. Otherwise, sir, you're fucked.

I am kinda feeling fucked.

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  1. hah. is this TFU with a more family friendly name? I'll be honest, i'm not subscribing as i don't read much anymore. but let's hope google gives you some loving instead :D


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