Thursday, March 10, 2016

Oh boy, this blog is getting views, so whatever the fuck

Alright, i am going to make it easy for you fuckers, this is going to be a buzzfeed style list about things that are going on.

1. comments are now open. You can be anonymous, and swear at me if you don't like reading this shit.
2. Deepika is hanging around with Novak something tennis player. WTF. He is a married dude, and she is already in with that dancing donkey. FUCK.
3. Return of Xander Cage is going to go flop but it's going to do good business in India.
4. Don't watch the abomination that is gods of egypt.
5. game of thrones is coming back on tv. GRRM better warm up his fingers and start writing. This is the first time that a tv series is going to have a different timeline and stuff that the book that has not even been written. Seriously, GRRM, we know that you're not our bitch, but man, have some courtesy
6. A little birdy told me that someone things i write a bit like Stephen King, sometimes. I mean, that's like a no, right? haha, but hey, i'll take any compliment that comes my way. I am a sucker for attention.
7. Kendrick Lamar, untitled unmastered, regular kendrick stuff.
8. i need to get back to writing, i am planning something medium sized, cuz i don't afford big. What can you do about it.
9. laters, see you tomorrow.
10. drop a line if you're reading this. I NEED ATTENTION!


  1. So i hear you be writing books, link?

    - Old, old friend(?)

    1. hey, Sakshi, I remember you! How've you been doing! yeah, I'm doing ebooks on kindle. Wrote 3 so far, the links for them are 1.) and 2. give them a spin, or send me an email and i'll send you pdf copies of any.

      it's really really good to hear from you :D


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