Wednesday, March 9, 2016

jesus fuck, is blogger fucked or what?

I am seeing more and more problems with blogger these days and it doesn't seem that anyone at google gives a single smidgen of fuck about this publishing platform. they're busy pruning and shoving google+ down the throats of their users. This is why wordpress and tumblr excel over blogger, because their owners are not spread out over so many fucking things that they can't handle one thing properly.

After all, the power that be at google think, who the fuck writes long form anymore, it's people just publishing shit on twitter and facebook and this is where we need to compete for eyeballs. fuck no! People still love to write, example --> ME. Anyway, some problems, i can't seem to activate comments on this blog for some reason. I am not getting the published pingback emails for my blog. And some random issues, seriously, this is one fucked up publishing platform.

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