Monday, September 3, 2012

About the iPhones

The top iPhone 4s costs some 57,500 Indian rupees. Available via Airtel.

The same iPhone 4s costs $199 in USA, but it comes with a mobile plans(s).

The cost might probably end up as the same in the long run, but there is a flaw in the reasoning. The users in US are getting the iPhone at a discounted price, but the users in India are buying it a pure price without any "mobile plan". In effect the Indian users are getting screwed wholesale by the providers, but still Apple won't give enough attention to Indian users, there are no dedicated Apple stores here, just franchises (I might be wrong, but it's too late to research).

The point is that iPhone in India is not provided WITH a mobile plan by all users. If the users in USA had to buy an iPhone at the pure price of $800+ I doubt that this gadget would get that level of popularity all over. Heck, you can get a 3GS for virtually free with a 2 year plan on AT&T.

If such option was available in India, every second fuddu would be carrying a 3GS.

Just some thoughts. Surely, these have been thought before. I just wanted to put them here.