Monday, September 17, 2012

Baggage in a Relationship (Part 1)

alrright, i am going to type this in rapid mode and not give a fuck about grammar or something because it's already 1 AM and I have to go to office in morning. Oh look, it was 1.03 and now it's 1.23. Time passes quick when you're online on twitter.

Anyway, about relationships.

It's a tricky business. You've to invest a lot in a stranger, but not only that stranger, there are other people who tag along for the ride. It's like taking a journey on a two wheeler with a person you like, but on the way to wherever you're going, this other person decides that they want to take on more persons, but you're stuck with a two wheeler not a four wheeler and when you get a fourwheeler you meet your own people who want to come along for the ride.

That said, if relationships were just about two people, life would be all peachy. But there are others like friends, family, strangers, and almost rest of the world and whoever the fuck, who'd stick a leg in as and when they feel like. Some of these you can't prepare for but others can absolutely be prepared for.

You can prepare for family and friends.

It requires a lot of saying NO.

I know this. No is easy to say, Yes is harder to do.

Good, long lasting relationships are based on a lot of saying NO.

It's okay.

Part two, whenever I feel like it.