Saturday, September 22, 2012


Saw Dredd today. It was in 3D. I was pretty excited about this movie because of the slow-motion effects, the 3D and because well, Judge Dredd is the kind of personality that no one fucks with. The premise of a futuristic world is always exciting and the ultraviolent aspects of the movie sure to punch up the kicks.

Anyway, all i am saying here is that this is a movie for the select few who like to watch mindless fun and violence and who have a thing for violence. I like the dubstepy soundtrack of the movie because it is done by the same dude who did the soundtrack for the movie Limitless. Which was also one kickass movie.

Dredd basically kills a lot of people in the movie and he never ever smiles. The one liners are okay. Nothing too awesome. The Slow-Mo drug sequences are something to watch out for and the 3D scenes are fucking awesome.

That's pretty much it. Watch it or don't, I don't give a fuck.

Next movie up: Resident Evil part something. Six? I don't even care. I just want to see the heroes kick some zombie ass.