Monday, September 10, 2012

The cartoon and the cartoonist

Well, most of you are going to disagree with what I am going to write in this post, but let me tell you this, there is not a single thing you can do about it. With that said, let's carry on to the topic of this post.

A cartoonist recently drew a cartoon of the national emblem with heads of wolves instead of lions.

I, as an Indian, have a fucking problem with that.

Well, Pallav, you say, it's a free country and there is freedom of artistic expression and all that shit.

To which I will reply, fuck you and fuck the horse you rode on. If some random cartoonist dude has FREEDOM to hate on the national anthem, then I have the FREEDOM to hate on him for doing that too. It's a FREE country after all, isn't it?

That cartoonist deserves the punishment he is getting. There is no point in giving sense of humor defense for it. It was not meant to raise awareness or some shit like that. We all know that corruption exists. It's a part of the system, drawing a cartoon won't cure that. I don't know what will cure that, but this was a cheap, stupid and extremely tasteless way to express anguish against something that we all know is there. Besides, he probably drew it on illegally downloaded photoshop software. It was so sad, I think he didn't even use photoshop. Ugh

I am all for throwing that guy in a shark tank for what he did. A shark tank with two sharks who are already hungry and maddened by scent of blood. I'll have that shit televised live on tv so that no one dares in future to mess with the national symbols. Now we'll go in bullet points on why I have a problem with what that fellow did.

  • It was a shitty drawing. At least brush up the lines for fuck's sake. Art is art, but squiggly lines are shit.
  • The people of army have died defending such symbols of freedom and they will continue to die for these very symbols while idiots are given free reign to deface and insult what is sacred to many.
  • There is an unspoken rule, that you don't shit where you eat. This fucker probably went all diarrhea on where he was eating.
  • According to recent news, he has refused to ask for bail. He deserves the jail sentence and he deserves more.
  • It was just in very bad taste.