Monday, August 27, 2012

de-retarding twitter

Twitter has become a bullshit zone right now. On one level I realize that the stuff I read is my responsibility and if it bothers me I should do something about. So I unfollowed close to 80 people today. Mostly accounts that were not tweeting or brands that I am not interested in following anymore. Eg: Instagram. What's the point? I have no fucking idea.

Next to go will be serial whiners, I am done with people who bitch like bitches all day long.

After that people who copy paste tweets, because I am not interested in reading the same tweet twice. I am fine with retweeting but copying tweets and posting those as your own is just laziness and bullshit of the worst order. Again, no problem with copying, problem is with the intent behind it. [will post more about it later]

There is no real way to control the mentions tab. I can lock my account, but that's just bullshit. So, I'll be as boring as possible so that people don't mention me. haha.

fuck it.
fuck you too.