Monday, August 13, 2012

I Am Going To Win All The Golds Next Olympics.

I am going to participate in the next Olympics in sports such as: badminton, archery, boxing, wrestling and any other sport that catches my fancy. Basically, I will be India's super hope in the medals tally and I will get ALLLLL the golds that are there to get in the sports mentioned above. I will also make sure that I terrorize all other Indian sportsmen into performing more and beyond their capacities so that they also win gold. 

Because fuck it, I am done with seeing Indian athletes winning silvers and bronzes. This is high time we won some golds and it's up to assholes like me to do it. 

Win it for my country. Win all the golds so that all other countries can kiss my gold plated brown ass.

For the babes, bitches and brothers who won't work hard enough to win golds, I'll have to do it.

But Pallav, you say, who the fuck is going to allow you to take part in all those sports?

To which, I will reply, dear reader, who the fuck is going to stop me?

My plan is like this, I am going to...

No, wait. I am not telling you my plan. It's a fucking secret plan. For complete domination of the Olympics tally and have only India's name and by proxy MY NAME in the medal tally.

All golds. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Next Olympics, 2016. 

I'll be there.

If my mood allows.

But first, I have to post this blog. 

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