Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Pool Full of Shit

This blogpost is an antithesis of itself. Because while it has a call to action, it is just talk, too. But fuck it, that hasn't stopped me from writing bullshit till now and I'll be damned if I let it stop me now.

The problem that we have tonight is that too many Indians want to change India.

How fine, how noble and how amazing.

But then the problem of this problem is that those people are only interested in talking about it. They want to write jokes on twitter, make shitty facebook posts, maybe even blog about it. But tomorrow they'll all go to their offices and work for 8-12 hours in their air conditioned jails.

I am no different from them, but I really don't want to change the country, or the government or anything. I don't care, basically. (I have my reasons).


YOU want to change India, you want to bring a revolution in this country, you want free internet, low priced beer and leagalized prostitution, and cake. Lot of cake. Cake is always good.

But what can you do? Here are some suggestions.


Study real hard.

Stay focused.

Learn all you can. Sit for the IAS exams. Clear them. Clear the interview.

Most of the posts in those interviews are already paid for, but there is always one at the top.

YOU just need that ONE post. 

Get on that post. Stay honest. Stay honest while getting drenched in corruption, dishonesty and dirt of this shitfuck country.

Most of all, be hopeful.

Wade through the murk of the country to be an example to  the youth. Be their hero. Then, only then, we might have a slim chance of changing things and bringing some hope here.

Here's a better way to think about the scenario for your putrid imagination.

Imagine if you will, a pool of shit. It stinks so bad that it kills the birds and worms that dare to come near it. It takes a really resiliant and exceptional bastard to go near that pool of shit.

That pool of shit grows bigger and stinkier and meaner every day. It's like that fucking thing is alive and that shit hates you!

But you have to be the swimmer, the god-like creature, to not only go near that pool of shit, but to step into it!! And after you step into that pool of shit, you have to DIVE INTO IT. And when you dive, you go deep into that shit where it's dark and stinky and shitty. You WILL lose your soul, but at the bottom of that pool of shit is a plug.

It's a plug that, once pulled, will flush the shit out of the pool. This will cost you your sanity. You can swim back up, or you can pull the plug and die in this pool of shit.

Are you ready and willing to die?

If not, then stop pasting bullshit on Twitter, shut the fuck up and suffer like the rest of us.