Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Awkward Story

This is a real life story.

I had some friends over from another state and they like, totally spoke another language. I  had no idea what those 3 were talking among themselves, and I was tasked with treating them for lunch. So,  being a good host, i took them for lunch. I knew they were in the city to meet on of their  friends, but I had no knowledge about the said friend. Do you see where this is going? It gets weirder.

So we order, we're eating, and we're almost done eating when a couple walks in the place where we were eating. A cute girl and another guy. In my company, one of the guys looks the couple who just walked in, stares for maybe two seconds more than normal and resumes eating. He tells me after a few seconds that he wants to leave from that place.

But I was in total good host mode. I told him to sit the fuck down and eat some more because I didn't want to be called a bad host by elders who might think that I sent their kids half hungry and thirsty. So i ordered drinks for the 3, who kept talking in their language, which I had no problem with, because whatever they were discussing was their problem.

There was some electricity in their talk but being the gracious host, I ignored that electricity. After those buggers asked me two-three times more to leave, I allowed them and we all left. One of the guys looked slightly shaken but I thought it was the food. So I ignored it. Left them at the bus stand so they could take a bus back to their place.

Now, the story behind the scenes that I got to know some time later. One of the guys was in town to meet his girlfriend and after meeting her, they all met me for lunch. And while we were eating, the couple who walked in was his girlfriend with some other guy.

The girl dumped the guy who was eating with me by the evening of that day because she was simply caught cheating.

Shit happens, eh.

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